Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 2, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(STEWART) EDELSTEIN, DUBIOUS DOUBLETS — Some towns bordering other countries or... states are portmanteau-ized. Calexico is across the border from Mexicali. Any student of U.S.... geography can readily figure out the locations of Calzona,... Kanorado, Virgilina, [and] Moark... .

Clues and answers

A.Radical environmentalistECOTEUR
B.Ones well-versed in computers and technologyDIGERATI
C.Typos and factual goofsERRATA
D.Birds on dollar coins in CanadaLOONS
E.Condition supposed to be cured by ReaganomicsSTAGFLATION
F.Vegetarian option at ThanksgivingTOFURKEY
G.Unintentional exhibitionist in a fairy taleEMPEROR
H.Workaholic author who coined the term "robotics" (2 wds.)ISAACASIMOV
I.Reader of blogs and e-zines on the infobahnNETIZEN
J.Semi-serious TV genre with a few chortlesDRAMEDY
K.Like wild horsesUNSHOD
L.Occasion for eating a tangelo with a spork?BRUNCH
M.Scandal involving Oliver NorthIRANGATE
N.Touring Tanzania with a camcorder, maybe? (2 wds.)ONSAFARI
O.In danger of being trampledUNDERFOOT
P.Garment with two legs covered by a front panelSKORT
Q.Political renegade from the SouthDIXIECRAT
R.Rule favoring simple theories, a k a the law of parsimony (2 wds.)OCCAMSRAZOR
S.Not gender-specificUNISEX
T.Source for films shown at Delhi cineplexesBOLLYWOOD
U.Stroll, crawl, scurry or galumphLOCOMOTE
W.Zoo-bred hybrid felineTIGON
X.Language used by NuyoricansSPANGLISH
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