Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 19, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


VICKI CROKE, ELEPHANT COMPANY — [A trunk]... acts, among other things, as a hand, an arm, a nose, a snorkel, a sledgehammer, a trumpet, and a hose. ... Without containing a single bone, it is strong enough to lift heavy logs, and sufficiently nimble to pick up a coin.

Clues and answers

A.Slide-jiggling effect on a tromboneVIBRATO
B.Assail, as someone's characterIMPUGN
C.Cloth used by cyclists for paddingCHAMOIS
D.Like Alec Guinness and Paul McCartneyKNIGHTED
E."Speaking truthfully ..." (2 wds.)INFACT
F.Storage tank sometimes undergroundCISTERN
G.Activity of a rummagerROOTING
H.Spent; needing a refill (3 wds.)OUTOFGAS
I.Old Cretan center of Bronze Age cultureKNOSSOS
J.Subject of the equation E^2 = (pc)^2 + (m0c^2)^2ENERGY
K.Coat for a dentistENAMEL
L.Be scornful of, as danger (2 wds.)LAUGHAT
M.Busy; attentiveENGAGED
N.Animal whose stuffing comes outPINATA
O.Boyhood hometown of Mark TwainHANNIBAL
P.Brought into harmonyATTUNED
Q.Implement in many salons (2 wds.)NAILFILE
R.Images on Monopoly billsTRAINS
S.Like the spears on Kenya's flagCROSSED
T.Pursued by a posse, maybe (3 wds.)ONTHELAM
U.Cloying, drippy, mushyMAWKISH
W.What's regarded as an abominationANATHEMA
X.Far from a loser (2 wds.)NOSLOUCH
Y.Robin with a 20-year career in the major leaguesYOUNT
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