Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 16, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CATHERINE PRICE, VITAMANIA — [O]ne... gelatin capsule..., can cure night blindness in a single day. Its protection can last... half a year or more. It costs about two cents per capsule, and the FDA doesn't even consider it a drug. The miracle cure is Vitamin A.

Clues and answers

A.Quail; feel really embarrassedCRINGE
B.Lingering feeling of pleasureAFTERGLOW
C.Took part in a knightly activityTILTED
D.Devastation, destructionHAVOC
E.Hometown of the Oregon DucksEUGENE
F.Pre-Raphaelite name in poetry and paintingROSSETTI
G.Language whose speakers can read Old NorseICELANDIC
H.Situation in which one just barely succeeds (2 wds.)NEARTHING
I.Derived from an external source, as a nutrientESSENTIAL
J.Status sought by many an inventorPATENTEE
K.Mission to gather intelRECON
L.Common generic antipyreticIBUPROFEN
M.Simplicity itself (2 wds.)CHILDSPLAY
N.Planted snugly; in a safe placeENSCONCED
O."American Idol" contestant, e.g.VOCALIST
P.River from Tibet to the Arabian SeaINDUS
Q.Items sifted by a tongue twister's sifterTHISTLES
R.Expert in risk managementACTUARY
S.Treat made with almonds and egg whitesMACAROON
T.Puff, in a manner of speaking?ASPIRATE
U.Medicine made by the one peddling itNOSTRUM
V.Father of six successive Arab kings (2 wds.)IBNSAUD
W.Intransigent, obdurate, not willing to budgeADAMANT
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