Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 16, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(LAWRENCE M.) KRAUSS, THE PHYSICS OF STAR TREK — There is no way in the universe to get more bang for your buck than to take a particle and annihilate it with its antiparticle to produce pure radiation energy. [This] is the ultimate rocket-propulsion technology.

Clues and answers

A.Language called tlhingan Hol by "native speakers"KLINGON
B.Mimic the turning of celestial spheresROTATE
C.Flying, crashing, shooting ray-guns, etc.ACTION
D.Having a wavelength between those of visible light and X-raysULTRAVIOLET
E.Time from 10/4/57 to now (2 wds.)SPACEAGE
F.Ostensible form of an unearthly transportSAUCER
G.Moon of UranusTITANIA
H.Lunar effect (2 wds.)HIGHTIDE
I.Home world of the Ewoks, attacked by the EmpireENDOR
J.Light quantumPHOTON
K.Sir Fred ___, astronomer who espoused a "steady-state" theoryHOYLE
L.Rare-earth element used in laser devicesYTTERBIUM
M."Prelude to the Heroic Gate of Heaven" composerSATIE
N.Daring to go where no one has gone before?INTREPID
O.Wookiee of distinctionCHEWBACCA
P.Abounding with sunlightSHINY
Q.Present, but a long way off (2 wds.)OUTTHERE
R.The opposite of Answer P, sidereallyFAINT
S.See Clue ZSHIP
T.Calcium's atomic numberTWENTY
U.What an aircraft may be left onAUTOPILOT
V.Like a planet thrown free of a solar systemROGUE
W.1982 sci-fi film with Jeff BridgesTRON
X.Member of an alien race that uses a "cloaking device" in flightROMULAN
Y.Retired NASA shuttle on view at the SmithsonianENTERPRISE
Z.Captain whose Answer S inspired the naming of Answer YKIRK
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