Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 14, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


E.B. WHITE, HERE IS NEW YORK — Although New York often imparts a feeling of great forlornness or forsakenness,... you always feel that... by shifting your location ten blocks or by reducing your fortune by five dollars you can experience rejuvenation.

Clues and answers

A.Here today, gone tomorrowEVANESCENT
B.Avian "Rowdy of the Meadow," in an Emily Dickinson poemBOBOLINK
C.Appliance for cooking some breakfast items (2 wds.)WAFFLEIRON
D.Place for a sojourner to pass the nightHOSTELRY
E.Cryptic, enigmatic, hard to fathomINSCRUTABLE
F.Name on some Art Nouveau hangingsTIFFANY
G.Person carrying out the provisions of a willEXECUTOR
H.Vast, colossal, BrobdingnagianHUMONGOUS
I.Tea flavored with bergamot (2 wds.)EARLGREY
J.Beam to which rafters attachROOFTREE
K.Wastewater; stream flowing out of a lake or reservoirEFFLUENT
L.Study and interpretation of imagesICONOGRAPHY
M.Start of a normal Saudi workweekSATURDAY
N.1946 Hitchcock film set in BrazilNOTORIOUS
O.Mammal that deposits its eggs in the spring (2 wds.)EASTERBUNNY
P.Port containerWINEGLASS
Q.1939 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Pulitzer-winning novel, with "The"YEARLING
R.Ecstatic, thrilled to piecesOVERJOYED
S.Job sought by many an aspiring movie starRHINOPLASTY
T.Quit working (2 wds.); or, when spelled without a space, a counterfeitKNOCKOFF
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