Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 13, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BILL) STRICKLAND, (THE) QUOTABLE CYCLIST — (T)he bicycle is the most efficient machine... : Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon. A person pedaling a bike uses energy more efficiently than a gazelle or an eagle.

Clues and answers

A.Compound used to make rubber and lubricantsSILICONE
B.Seeing the sightsTOURING
C.16th-17th century Elizabethan courtier and El Dorado seekerRALEIGH
D.Overstate, embellishINFLATE
E.State founded by Dido, according to the "Aeneid"CARTHAGE
F.Temperature unit named for a British engineerKELVIN
G.Daily reading for many Parisians (2 wds.)LEMONDE
H.Good for the heart and lungsAEROBIC
I.10 to 6 or 11 to 7, say (2 wds.)NIGHTSHIFT
J.One side in a sports contestDEFENSE
K.Twin's big sister?QUEEN
L.Not comporting with decorumUNSEEMLY
M.When an iconic Answer N. takes place in HawaiiOCTOBER
N.Event for fitness freaksTRIATHLON
O.Sect eschewing automobilesAMISH
P.Borscht base, in a British recipeBEETROOT
Q.Reps targeting the core (2 wds.)LEGLIFTS
R.Aesthetic simplicityELEGANCE
S.Vehicular frameworkCHASSIS
T.River through the Three GorgesYANGTZE
U.Spicily named capital of French GuianaCAYENNE
V.Benefit of using a crowbarLEVERAGE
W.Serengeti grazer groomed by oxpeckersIMPALA
X.Describe exactly, spell outSPECIFY
Y.Protective part of a shoe (2 wds.)TOECAP
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