Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 12, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


WASHINGTON IRVING, (THE LIFE AND VOYAGES OF CHRISTOPHER) COLUMBUS — He died in ignorance of the real grandeur of his discovery. Until his last breath he entertained the idea that he had... discovered... wild regions of the East. ... He supposed... Cuba and Terra Firma were but remote parts of Asia.

Clues and answers

A.Pass the time as Queequeg didWHITTLE
B.Flower name used after beach, bog or seaASTER
D.Something any good sailor can tie (2 wds.)HALFHITCH
E.Man's name meaning "without honor" in HebrewICHABOD
F.What a New England mariner might fearNOREASTER
G.Cape named by John II of Portugal (2 wds.)GOODHOPE
H.Crew complement for a randanTHREE
I.Propellers on a triremeOARSMEN
J.Nymph in the realm of PoseidonNEREID
K.Island group of the West named in geographical confusionINDIES
L.Controlling agent or guideRUDDER
M.Bureau ___, international ship certification agency, from the Latin for "truth"VERITAS
N.Impediment to a coastal docking (2 wds.)ICESHELF
O.Forte of Prince Henry (1394-1460)NAVIGATION
P.Likely motive for some New World explorationGREED
Q.Sailor's songCHANTEY
R.On the exterior of a hullOUTBOARD
S.Refuge after capsizing (2 wds.)LIFERAFT
T.Of an aquanaut's milieuUNDERWATER
U.Spot near a crow's-nestMASTHEAD
V.Eponym of a wind-strength scaleBEAUFORT
W.No longer having a mooringUNTIED
X.Typical locale for a summer resortSEASIDE
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