Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 11, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MICHAEL) CRICHTON, JURASSIC PARK — Much of [biotechnology]... is... frivolous. Efforts to engineer paler trout for better visibility in the stream, square trees for easier lumbering, and injectable scent cells so you'll always smell of... perfume... are not [a joke].

Clues and answers

A.Versatile women's garmentCULOTTES
B.Protector of a pump (2 wds.)RIBCAGE
C.Somebody being a busybodyINTERLOPER
D.Hero who "died at the throttle / With the whistle in his hand" (2 wds.)CASEYJONES
E.German spa that lent its name to an article of apparelHOMBURG
F.Horseplay, shenanigansTOMFOOLERY
G.Nutty, bizarre (hyph.)OFFTHEWALL
H.Descriptive of a stock villainNEFARIOUS
I.What a picaroon may fly (2 wds.)JOLLYROGER
J.Accounts investigated by (2 wds.)URBANMYTHS
K.The practical world; not make-believe (2 wds.)REALLIFE
L.Difficult for the uninitiated to graspABSTRUSE
M.Region inhabited by Poles, Czechs and GermansSILESIA
N.What keeps the rain off many a cowpoke's headSTETSON
O.Not getting the job doneINEFFECTIVE
P.Creeping plant with bright yellow flowersCINQUEFOIL
Q.1950s-'70s NASA programPIONEER
R.Having mixed emotionsAMBIVALENT
S.Emblem of the Democratic Party in 1840ROOSTER
T.Makers of rolling thunderKETTLEDRUMS
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