Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 10, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID QUAMMEN, NATURAL ACTS — A vigorous mountain river will have... its ... share of greenish slimes, filamentous botanical cruds, tiny crawling and squiggling critters of... grotesque appearance, sleek trout flashing discreetly,... and dead things in the water.

Clues and answers

A.Cross-out, erasureDELETION
B.Glue or pasteADHESIVE
C.Intent upon settling scoresVENGEFUL
D.Filled with enlightening or exalting emotionINSPIRED
E.Cleaners found near kitchen sinksDISHRAGS
F.Norwegian eponym for a traitorQUISLING
G.Looking like Pooh or SmokeyURSIFORM
H.Hermetically sealedAIRTIGHT
I.Aura that enigmatically enhances one's attractionMYSTIQUE
J.Strict disciplinarianMARTINET
K.Battery-powered A.M.C. concept car of 1977ELECTRON
L.One of two Russian czarsNICHOLAS
M.Japanese company whose name roughly means "Leave luck to heaven"NINTENDO
N.Programmer's "splat"ASTERISK
O.Like Times Square or Disney WorldTOURISTY
P.Overshadowed; outdidUPSTAGED
Q.Gold Glove Award sponsorRAWLINGS
R.Opposite of a slackerACHIEVER
S.Author whose exploits were recounted in "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"LAWRENCE
T.Guilty of the sin of prideARROGANT
U.Item worn over an albCHASUBLE
V.Superfluous shadowTAGALONG
W.Contemptuous flouter of rules and conventionsSCOFFLAW
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