Acrostic Solution for Sunday, October 10, 1999

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JOHN) UPDIKE: HUB FANS BID KID ADIEU — Fenway Park ... is a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark. Everything is painted green and seems in curiously sharp focus ... . It ... offers a compromise between Man's Euclidean determinations and Nature's beguiling irregularities.

Clues and answers

A.Figure in blueUMPIRE
B.1955 film with the song "Moonglow"PICNIC
C.Penny dreadful (2 wds.)DIMENOVEL
D.Official approvalIMPRIMATUR
E.Smoked, chopped and spiced meatKIELBASA
F.Drink often served with grated nutmegEGGNOG
G.Ubiquitous dipteranHOUSEFLY
H.Extraordinary, preternaturalUNCANNY
I.Broad leap with a battementBALLONNE
J."I now close my military career and just ___" (2 wds.; Douglas MacArthur)FADEAWAY
K.Hold oneself backABSTAIN
L.Trophy for hockey's best defensemanNORRIS
M.Sets a courseSTEERS
N.Song of a Venetian gondolierBARCAROLE
O.Greek maiden sacrificed to gain favorable windsIPHIGENIA
P.Unpleasant experience, slangilyDOWNER
Q.Disorder, uproar, confusionKERFUFFLE
R.Assertion without proof (2 wds.)IPSEDIXIT
S.Deliberate loserDIETER
T.Husband of Queen VictoriaALBERT
U.Sirius (2 wds.)DOGSTAR
V.Twinkling, flash, jiffyINSTANT
W.Montaigne, for oneESSAYIST
X.Raconteur in Joel Chandler Harris tales (2 wds.)UNCLEREMUS
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