Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 8, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(LOUISE) ERDRICH, THE BLUE JAY'S DANCE — [T]he jays are all screeching greed and hungry jeers. ... As soon as I've put down the seed,... jays appear, kamikaze-diving from the low branches of the poplars, plucking themselves upward at the final instant in swift chandelles.

Clues and answers

A.Gushing, beyond glowingEFFUSIVE
B."The School of Athens" artistRAPHAEL
C.Democracy's antithesisDESPOTISM
D.Indian state whose name means "Land of Kings"RAJASTHAN
E.Mushroom that's edible, but toxic if combined with alcohol (2 wds.)INKYCAP
F.Breed of sheep from Scotland's borderlandCHEVIOT
G.Writer with a fondness for polydactyl catsHEMINGWAY
H.Archrivals of the Blue Devils (2 wds.)TARHEELS
I.Qualification for financial aidHARDSHIP
J.Vladimir's fellow waiter onstageESTRAGON
K.Earl Scruggs or Pete Seeger, for exampleBANJOIST
L.1968 Supremes hit that replaced "Hey Jude" at #1 (2 wds.)LOVECHILD
M.Opposite of beautyUGLINESS
N.Lure into a tight spotENTRAP
O.Conclusion of a court caseJUDGMENT
P.Collar, bag or nailAPPREHEND
Q.Members of 1927's "Murderers' Row," informallyYANKS
R.Altruistic, like a good team playerSELFLESS
S.Longtime CBS news anchor (2 wds.)DANRATHER
T.Descriptive of the elephant in the roomAWKWARD
U.1960s protest movement (2 wds.)NEWLEFT
V.Sources of oil, water, butter and milkCOCONUTS
W.Meditate in verse about a lossELEGIZE
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