Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 6, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ALISON) LURIE, BOYS AND GIRLS FOREVER — In... Oz, women rule... . [T]he Emerald City is governed by... the Wizard of Oz, but it presently becomes clear that he is an incompetent phony... . [B]y the end of the second volume,... Oz has a female sovereign,... Ozma... who began life... as a... boy.

Full quote

In Frank Baum's Oz, women rule all the good societies and some of the bad ones. At the start of the series the Emerald City is governed by a man, the Wizard of Oz, but it presently becomes clear that he is an incompetent phony with no magical powers. For a short time after volume 1 the Emerald City is governed by Dorothy's friend the Scarecrow, but by the end of the second volume, and for the remainder of the series, not only the capital but the entire Land of Oz has a female sovereign, Princess Ozma: a pretty little girl who began life under an enchantment as a pretty little boy.

Clues and answers

A.Nickname for a loafer or sluggardLAZYBONES
B.State where the climactic scene of "Thelma & Louise" was shotUTAH
C.Piece of writing before it's polished (2 wds.)ROUGHDRAFT
D.Post-czarist newspaperIZVESTIA
E.Term with Greek roots meaning "household management"ECONOMY
F.High muck-a-muck (2 wds.)BIGCHEESE
G.Verve, flair, gustoOOMPH
H.Gender-bending title role of 1983YENTL
I.Means of seeing who's at the doorSPYHOLE
J.River named for its 16th-century explorers' native attackersAMAZON
K.Work by Anne Rice or Ayn RandNOVEL
L.Setting for many Dorothea Lange photos, done for the 1937-46 Farm Security Administration (2 wds.)DUSTBOWL
M.Like the abstract art of Sophie Taeuber-ArpGEOMETRIC
N.Song sung by Kate in "Kiss Me, Kate" (3 wds.)IHATEMEN
O.Scarf of a type worn by Frida KahloREBOZO
P.Abandoned, ditched (2 wds.)LEFTBEHIND
Q.Instrument played by some geishasSAMISEN
R.Social superfluity (2 wds.)FIFTHWHEEL
S.Gas monitored using balloonsOZONE
T.1967 #1 hit that starts "What you want / Baby, I got it" RESPECT
U.Beguiling visuals (2 wds.)EYECANDY
V.Lushly greenVERDANT
W.Directive in literature that leads to rapid growth (2 wds.)EATME
X.Design on a gay pride flagRAINBOW
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