Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 6, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


[HARPER] LEE, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD — Never... on cross-examination ask a witness a question you don't already know the answer to, was a tenet I absorbed with my baby-food. Do it, and you'll often get an answer you don't want, an answer that might wreck your case.

Clues and answers

A.Traditional preparation in a casserole or hot pot (2 wds.)LAMBSTEW
B.Moving with the jet streamEASTBOUND
C.All fired up, gung-hoENTHUSED
D.Film starring a pull-string cowboy (2 wds.)TOYSTORY
E.Beaten by brainworkOUTFOXED
F.Sweaters, socks, bootees, etc.KNITWEAR
G.Daughter in a Spanish or Portuguese royal familyINFANTA
H.Mechanical replacement for a flock of sheep? (2 wds.)LAWNMOWER
I.Utterly destroy, ravage (2 wds.)LAYWASTE
J.Recipient of a transfer of rights or propertyASSIGNEE
K.Vine also called "creeping Jenny"MONEYWORT
L.Oft-covered 1963 Drifters hit about New York (2 wds.)ONBROADWAY
M.Subject of interest to a cosmogonistCREATION
N.Site of 1974's Ali/Foreman Rumble in the JungleKINSHASA
O.Shown exactly as said (2 wds.)INQUOTES
P.Highly publicized dudNONEVENT
Q.Stop functioning in a dramatic way (2 wds.)GOHAYWIRE
S.Desk accessory for Bartleby the ScrivenerINKSTAND
T.Make an overture (2 wds.)REACHOUT
U.Melancholic, woebegoneDOWNCAST
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