Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 5, 2020

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(DEBORAH) BLUM, THE POISONER'S HANDBOOK — I dreamed of becoming a chemist (which my children assure me reveals the true geekiness at the core of my personality). I changed my mind on the day... I set my hair on fire — think long, dangling... braids, think Bunsen burner.

Clues and answers

A.European region associated with an artsy lifestyleBOHEMIA
B.Bit of good fortune for a gambler (2 wds.)LUCKYHIT
C.Without uniform distributionUNEVENLY
D.Hot spot in global politicsMIDEAST
E.Thumbthing to do?TWIDDLE
F.Small amount; person who's difficult to controlHANDFUL
G.Surround with armsEMBRACE
H.Breach of trust; faithlessnessPERFIDY
I.Heaviest of the heavy metalsOSMIUM
J.When the Lydians began minting coins (2 wds.)IRONAGE
K.Bitter alkaloid obtained from nux vomicaSTRYCHNINE
L.Unit of magnetic field strength named for a Danish physicistOERSTED
M.Water pipe with a Persian nameNARGHILE
N.Poet who wrote "Earth laughs in flowers"EMERSON
O.Forte of a rapperRHYMING
P.Went from park to reverse, e.g.SHIFTED
Q.Iconoclastic dissidentHERETIC
R.Pieces at global competitionsANTHEMS
S.Shrub named for its numerous peeling exterior layersNINEBARK
T.Active, forceful, peppy, vigorousDYNAMIC
U.Billy Joel song about a show-off (2 wds.)BIGSHOT
V.California exportORANGES
W.Animals that are an anagram of Answer V.ONAGERS
X.Hot spot domesticallyKITCHEN
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