Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 4, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(DAVID FOSTER) WALLACE, EVERYTHING AND MORE — The Mentally Ill Mathematician seems now... to be what the Knight Errant,... Tortured Artist, and Mad Scientist have been for other eras: our Prometheus,... who goes to forbidden places and returns with gifts... he alone pays for.

Clues and answers

A."Some people are afraid of heights. I'm afraid of ___." (Steven Wright)WIDTHS
B.What's copied by succeeding modelsARCHETYPE
C.Dog breed developed to guard monasteries (2 wds.)LHASAAPSO
D.Breed of chicken named for an Italian cityLEGHORN
E.Where Heineken was foundedAMSTERDAM
F.Forces deployed by Paul MorphyCHESSMEN
G.Realm in Ursula K. Le Guin's "Tehanu"EARTHSEA
H.Opposite of undeservingENTITLED
I.Russian measure equal to 3,500 feetVERST
J.God born of Chaos, per HesiodEROS
K.Herder named for a German townROTTWEILER
L.Sarcastic reply to an obvious statement (2 wds.)YOUTHINK
M.Result of a compromise (hyph.)TRADEOFF
N.Occasion for much fiddlingHOEDOWN
O.Motivation that's hard to overrideINSTINCT
P.Leave completely puzzledNONPLUS
Q.Space under a pitched roofGARRET
R.Person who acts like a robotAUTOMATON
S.Underworld region of mist and cold, in Norse mythNIFLHEIM
T.Something you go down toDEFEAT
U.Sermon on the Mount sourceMATTHEW
V.One making long round tripsORBITER
W.What Steinbeck's Lennie Small dreams of raisingRABBITS
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