Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 31, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ORETTA ZANINI) DE VITA, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PASTA — None other than Leonardo da Vinci had attempted to industrialize pasta making... . He preferred to be thought of as a cook rather than a painter or... a military engineer... . Early in his career... he managed a restaurant part-time.

Clues and answers

A.Role in "Shrek" with no linesDRAGON
B.Alternative to a parenthesis (2 wds.)EMDASH
C.Classic using the "Hitchcock zoom"VERTIGO
D.Thorn in one's sideIRRITANT
E.Prime regarded widely with distrustTHIRTEEN
F.By way of Spain, Arabic for "the castle"ALCAZAR
G.One whose nature is inscrutableENIGMA
H.On whom an account dependsNARRATOR
I.Dark passage in a Christmas storyCHIMNEY
J."Wuthering Heights" settingYORKSHIRE
K.Bar server with a big lipCARAFE
L.Temperate annual or tropical weedLANTANA
M.Reducing the fare? (3 wds.)ONADIET
N.Female of a sizable fowlPEAHEN
O.Congressional provision for approved fundsEARMARK
P.Conductor in one directionDIODE
Q.Traveling from place to placeITINERANT
R.Potential relief or bane for a droneAUTOMATION
S."Animal House" character who asks "You guys up for a toga party?"OTTER
T.Occupying the cleanup slotFOURTH
U.Mythical Titan; moon of Saturn; tyrant flycatcherPHOEBE
V.Interrupter of the State of the Union addressAPPLAUSE
W."Little strings"SPAGHETTI
X.Put through a combine harvesterTHRESHED
Y.Offering some resistance to being bitten (2 wds.)ALDENTE
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