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Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 30, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LAURIE COLWIN, HOME COOKING — People lie when you ask them what they eat when they are alone. A salad, they tell you. But when you persist, they confess to peanut butter and bacon sandwiches... fried... with hot sauce, or spaghetti with butter and grape jam.

Clues and answers

A.What Answer B. comprisesLETTERS
B.Kind of soupALPHABET
C.Like the gait of someone who's woozy or tipsyUNSTEADY
D.Put back in a microwave, sayREHEAT
E.During an airplane trip (hyph.)INFLIGHT
F.Rock 'n' roll's ___ Band (2 wds.)ESTREET
G.Requiring no fancy attireCASUAL
H.More than just frowned uponOUTLAWED
I.Occasion for smashing a bottleLAUNCH
J.Over the hill; got ready for dinner, in a way (2 wds.)WASHEDUP
K.Phrase from a pondering person (3 wds.)IWONDERWHY
L."Everything's legal in ___" (line from "Hamilton") (2 wds.)NEWJERSEY
M.Like all Social Security numbersHYPHENATED
N.The American Medical Association classified it as a disease in 2013OBESITY
O.Rants, with "off"MOUTHS
P.Hall from a front door to a dining room, e.g.ENTRYWAY
Q.Something you like, informally; aid for soothing the throat (3 wds.)CUPOFTEA
R.German chemist who helped discover nuclear fission (2 wds.)OTTOHAHN
S.Practitioner who may be manipulativeOSTEOPATH
T.Hold a vigil (2 wds.)KEEPWATCH
U.Island of the Inner HebridesIONA
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