Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 3, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARY) MORRIS, ALL THE WAY TO THE TIGERS — As a child, I had a tiger dream. ... [I]t was always the same. ... [A] tiger at the foot of my bed... sits on his haunches, sharpening his claws on my bedposts. ... [T]hen he... springs through the air... [J]ust before he lands on top of me, I wake up.

Full quote

AS A CHILD I had a tiger dream. I had it often, and it was always the same. There is a tiger at the foot of my bed. He sits on his
haunches, sharpening his claws on my bedposts. I stare at him. His claws extended, focused on his task. He is never in a hurry. His amber eyes are on me. When his claws are sharp, he gets into a crouch as tigers do. And then he pounces. He springs through the air and just before he lands on top of me, I wake up. Years later I learned that you cannot dream your own death.

Clues and answers

A.Unplanned, headlong advance (2 wds.)MADRUSH
B.In the neighborhood of red and yellowORANGISH
C.Toon companion of Crusader RabbitRAGS
D.Sets things back?REWINDS
E.Sets things right?INDENTS
F.Shot in pool that ends a player's turnSCRATCH
G.Author of a popular and much-discussed 2011 book on mothering (2 wds.)AMYCHUA
H.Yann Martel novel and Ang Lee film (3 wds.)LIFEOFPI
I.Minority to which Sandy Koufax belongedLEFTIES
J.Breakfast cereal mascot since 1952TONY
K.Bill Watterson inventionHOBBES
L.One sensitive to another's feelingsEMPATH
M.Five-time Masters championWOODS
N.Pounce upon from hidingAMBUSH
O.Wide open, cavernousYAWNING
P.Afternoon services (2 wds.)TEASETS
Q.Best in a brawlOUTFIGHT
R.Contents of a holy arkTORAH
S.Cutting-edge implementHANDSAW
T.Poet who created SkimbleshanksELIOT
U.Has a fitful night's sleepTOSSES
V.Block, stymie, encumberIMPEDE
W.Stereotypical plea from Timmy to Lassie (2 wds.)GETHELP
X.World's most populous landlocked countryETHIOPIA
Y.Faithful feline of Jasmine in "Aladdin"RAJAH
Z.Villain voiced by Idris Elba in "The Jungle Book" (2 wds.)SHEREKHAN
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