Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 27, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ELLEN) DEGENERES, THE PLANE TRUTH — So here I am, sitting in my seat, working on my journal. Hey, there's a fly on this plane. I am so scared of flying, I can't imagine how flies do it all day, every day. But, then again, that's what a fly does, fly. It's his job.

Clues and answers

A.Muscle used in arm-flappingDELTOID
B.Heavenly, blissful, divineELYSIAN
C.Sneaks and kicks (2 wds.)GYMSHOES
D.Discarded computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc. (hyph.)EWASTE
E.Star known for defying gravity, seeminglyNIJINSKY
F.Marriage within one's own clanENDOGAMY
G.Mechanism with teeth and a pawlRATCHET
I.Vague and mysterious, hard to see throughSHADOWY
J.Buses, subways, rail, and suchTRANSIT
K.Title for the Bishop of Rome (2 wds.)HOLYFATHER
L.Combine, as oil and vinegarEMULSIFY
M.Hang-up that might involve snakes or elevatorsPHOBIA
O.Equipment found in cockpitsAVIONICS
P.Mount with a view of Penn State's Beaver StadiumNITTANY
Q.Rather pleasant, quite niceENJOYABLE
R.Musical effect meant to heighten dramaTREMOLO
S.In a New York minute (2 wds.)RIGHTAWAY
T.Like Chevrolet's Corvair, per Ralph NaderUNSAFE
U.Gradually lose volume, as speech (2 wds.)TRAILOFF
V.Slime-exuding sea creature that can tie itself in knotsHAGFISH
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