Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 27, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(GEORGE) ELIOT, THE MILL ON THE FLOSS — If his father had lived to... old age and his uncle had died... early... we can conceive Hamlet's having married Ophelia and got through life with a reputation of sanity, notwithstanding many soliloquies and some moody sarcasms.

Clues and answers

A.Illegitimate son of Gloucester in "King Lear"EDMUND
B.Title and heroine of a comedy by AristophanesLYSISTRATA
C.Partisans in a war from 1980 to 1988IRAQIS
D.Geologic period when primitive fishes aroseORDOVICIAN
E.Conrad's tale of a storm-tossed steamerTYPHOON
F.Vehicle for travel introduced in a novel of 1895 (2 wds.)TIMEMACHINE
G.Snub or treat condescendingly (hyph.)HIGHHAT
H.Founder of the Polaroid Corporation (2 wds.)EDWINLAND
I.Syndicate membersMAFIOSI
J.Very popular (2 wds.)INDEMAND
K.What Sostratus built for Ptolemy II of EgyptLIGHTHOUSE
L.Legume of the Southwest that is unhealthy for livestockLOCOWEED
M.Erupter named by members of the 1870 Washburn Expedition (2 wds.)OLDFAITHFUL
N.Those in habitual oppositionNAYSAYERS
O.Word heard in a sound checkTESTING
P.Home of the Ho Chi Minh MausoleumHANOI
Q.Typical design in cabinetry (3 wds.)EGGANDDART
R.African capital settled by former slavesFREETOWN
S.Unisex garment of SamoaLAVALAVA
T.Region of space where comets abound (2 wds.)OORTCLOUD
U.Embarrassed; meek; stupidSHEEPISH
V.Tribal chief; political party leaderSACHEM
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