Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 26, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(EMILY) ANTHES, FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT — [Utah] is home to a strange herd of goats. Thanks to... genes borrowed from a spider, each female... produces milk that's chock-full of silk proteins. ... [I]n the lab, scientists can extract the spider proteins and spin them into silk.

Clues and answers

A.Subject of a tale by Ovid about metamorphosisARACHNE
B.Fed; fostered; given sustenanceNOURISHED
C.Fictional character whose initials were used in forming the acronym "Taser" (2 wds.)TOMSWIFT
D.Give a thumbs-up signal?HITCHHIKE
E.Show; quickEXPRESS
F.Place providing refugeSHELTER
G.Way through a park or garden, nature trailFOOTPATH
H.On roses, one of "My Favorite Things," per "The Sound of Music"RAINDROPS
I.Forerunner of the modern ice axALPENSTOCK
J.Enter a state of torpidity (2 wds.)NODOFF
K.Sauce often used in making meatloafKETCHUP
L.Neoprene or natural rubber, chemicallyELASTOMER
M.One of an annual sextetNOBELIST
N.Card game featured in "The Cincinnati Kid" (2 wds.)STUDPOKER
O.England's Daily Mirror and The Sun, for exampleTABLOIDS
P.Outer layer of cells in early developmentECTODERM
Q.Prey that may be ensnared in websINSECTS
R.Garment for a woman who's retiringNIGHTIE
S.Marine gastropod with a shell (2 wds.)SEASNAIL
T.Smoky quartz named for a Scottish rangeCAIRNGORM
U.Ptolemaic treatise on astronomyALMAGEST
V.Directive when throwing somebody something unexpectedly (2 wds.)THINKFAST
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