Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 26, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HENRY DAVID THOREAU, WALDEN — Often in winter days, I heard the forlorn but melodious note of a hooting owl, indefinitely far; such a sound as the frozen earth would yield if struck with a suitable plectrum, the very lingua vernacula of Walden Wood.

Clues and answers

A.Title role for which Olivia de Havilland won an Oscar, with "The"HEIRESS
B.Extinct language not known to be related to any otherETRUSCAN
C.Curtailing development, as a policy (hyph.)NOGROWTH
D.Master of the macabre who wrote "Revolting Rhymes" and "Dirty Beasts" (2 wds.)ROALDDAHL
E.Where Cornwallis surrendered in October 1781YORKTOWN
F.Scold severely (2 wds.)DRESSDOWN
G.French dramatist whose works include "Antigone" and "L'Alouette"ANOUILH
H.Displaying highest proficiency in art or musicVIRTUOSIC
I.Too awesome to be expressedINEFFABLE
J.Far from cockyDIFFIDENT
K.Finch also called a chewink or ground robinTOWHEE
L.Achieve ignition crookedly (hyph.)HOTWIRE
M.Quadrennial periodOLYMPIAD
N.Something very wild or very funnyRIOT
O.Bubbling over; high-spiritedEBULLIENT
P.Having a clever or cunning mindASTUTE
Q.Four-act play by Anton Chekhov (2 wds.)UNCLEVANYA
R.Behave in a wordy, vague and indecisive mannerWAFFLE
S.Cry from a thrilled audience at a playAUTHOR
T.The whitish half-moon at the base of a fingernailLUNULA
U.Slip into the land of Nod (2 wds.)DOZEOFF
V.Dryad beloved of OrpheusEURYDICE
W.District of the villainous sheriff Philip MarkNOTTINGHAM
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