Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 25, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARILYN JOHNSON, LIVES IN RUINS — [A]rchaeologists work with humble stuff... . They are expert in the way things fall apart and acute observers of context; the placement and surroundings of an object can make the difference between junk and intellectual gold.

Clues and answers

A.Feature of a sinuous riverMEANDER
B.From side to side; crosswiseATHWART
C.Changes for the better, in theoryREFORMS
D.Study very carefullyINSPECT
E.Shape of a crescent moonLUNETTE
F.Late December (hyph.)YEAREND
G.Stone ax or adz, e.g.NEOLITH
H."Happy Days" closing credits background propJUKEBOX
I.Best in a duel or at the box officeOUTDRAW
J.Subdued at a rodeo, maybeHOGTIED
K.Just coming into beingNASCENT
L.Amorphous shape, as a camouflage markingSPLOTCH
M.Weird, eccentric; unaccented part of a musical measureOFFBEAT
N.Common cause of decayNEGLECT
O.Another name for tetanusLOCKJAW
P.Crane of literatureICHABOD
Q.Position with a sweeping viewVANTAGE
R.Bar from membershipEXCLUDE
S.Looking out for number oneSELFISH
T.Name of the mummy in "The Mummy"IMHOTEP
U.Boutique-lined street in Boston's Back BayNEWBURY
V.Gentleman thief of British fictionRAFFLES
W.Bring to light; dig upUNEARTH
X.Alter form, in grammarINFLECT
Y.Rocky peak sticking out of a glacierNUNATAK
Z."Madame X" painterSARGENT
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