Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 25, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


RUTH R. WISSE, THE SCHLEMIEL (AS MODERN HERO) — The... distinction between the schlemiel and the schlimazl... [is]... that... the former spills the soup, [and] the latter is the one into whose lap it falls. ... The schlemiel is the... disseminator of bad luck, and the schlimazl its... victim.

Clues and answers

A.Confederate capital in the Civil WarRICHMOND
B.Not the least bit hurtUNSCATHED
C.Consumer's evaluation (2 wds.)TASTETEST
D.Olympic event just for womenHEPTATHLON
E.Dissolute, profligate sortRAKEHELL
F.Shrub whose twigs are used for dowsing (2 wds.)WITCHHAZEL
G.Architect of the ParthenonICTINUS
H.Tom Collins ingredientSELTZER
I.This or that person (hyph.)SOANDSO
J.Tongue used by Galadriel and LegolasELVISH
K.Insignificant but self-importantTINHORN
L.Click (3 wds.)HITITOFF
M.Letter attributed to St. PaulEPHESIANS
N.Rinky-dink (hyph.)SMALLTIME
O.Made easy progressCOASTED
P.Knot used to tie a lariat to a saddle horn (2 wds.)HALFHITCH
Q.Base and vulgar (hyph.)LOWMINDED
R.Daffodil vis-a-vis WalesEMBLEM
S."Nucular" for "nuclear," e.g., or "axe" for "ask"METATHESIS
T.Skeptical response to a tricky question (2 wds.)ILLBITE
U.Authority in resolving disputesETHICIST
V.Inadvertently reveal (2 wds.)LETSLIP
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