Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 24, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(V.S.) RAMACHANDRAN, (THE) TELL-TALE BRAIN — How can a three-pound mass of jelly... imagine angels, contemplate... infinity, and... question its... place in the cosmos? ... With the arrival of humans,... the universe has... become conscious of itself. This... is the greatest mystery of all.

Clues and answers

A.Rake, but not the kind with prongsROUE
B.City on the Rhone with medieval rampartsAVIGNON
C.Royal bearing; splendorMAJESTY
D.Denoting an exact factor, in mathALIQUOT
E.Schmoozers' exchangeCHITCHAT
F.More than a little hairyHIRSUTE
H.Features in denticulationNOTCHES
I.Typical figure in a noir dramaDETECTIVE
J.Bad dealsRIPOFFS
K.Explain more completelyAMPLIFY
L.Very recent deliveryNEONATE
M.Ovoid lump of gray matterTHALAMUS
N.Hormones that reduce the sensation of painENDORPHINS
O.Something having only one pitch (hyph.)LEANTO
P.Fenced-off area for jousting knightsLISTS
Q.Good for all agesTIMELESS
R.Comparison involving colonsANALOGY
S.What could fatten a Canadian coin purseLOONIES
T.Personal stuffEFFECTS
U.Saltwater catch that puffs up when in dangerBLOWFISH
V.Like an obscene jokeRAUNCHY
W.Member of the Five College ConsortiumAMHERST
X.Affected by a practical joker's powderITCHING
Y.Greek goddess of retributive justiceNEMESIS
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