Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 23, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MICHAEL OLMERT, MILTON'S TEETH (AND OVID'S UMBRELLA) — [A] river... through Vermont's Green Mountains, called les Monts Verts and... pronounced lay moan vair, was anglicized into the Lemon Fair River. This... mystical name... [is] impossible to account for without a bit of fractured French.

Clues and answers

A.Fabric made from the wool of Angora goatsMOHAIR
B.Nigeria's second-largest cityIBADAN
C.Plant whose nectar flavors many a honeyCLOVER
D.Tendon at the back of the kneeHAMSTRING
E.Term coined by the skeptic Thomas H. Huxley, 1869, to describe himselfAGNOSTIC
F.Trickily evasive maneuver (2 wds.)ENDRUN
G.Softly glowing; brilliantly playfulLAMBENT
H.Home to some Venezuelan crocodilesORINOCO
I.Record kept by an avid bird watcher or naturalist (2 wds.)LIFELIST
J.Complex film-editing techniqueMONTAGE
K.Home of Northwestern UniversityEVANSTON
L.Boosted, as production (2 wds.)REVVEDUP
M.Phenomena affected by syzygyTIDES
N.Extreme expression of testosteroneMACHISMO
O."News" in Russian; rival to PravdaIZVESTIA
P.Criminal; anarchicLAWLESS
Q.Original meaning of "veritable"TRUTHFUL
R.In questionable taste; bawdy (hyph.)OFFCOLOR
S.Hunter-king mentioned in GenesisNIMROD
T.Fainting spell; contraction as in "bos'n"SYNCOPE
U.Power struggle (2 wds.)TURFWAR
V.Administrative official in BrusselsEUROCRAT
W.Stoat in winter white coatERMINE
X.Popular Lionel product (2 wds.)TRAINSET
Y.Flower named for a youth loved by ApolloHYACINTH
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