Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 22, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID WILTON, WORD MYTHS — OK is the most successful of all Americanisms. It has invaded hundreds of... languages... . It was... the first unscripted word spoken on the surface of the moon, uttered by Buzz Aldrin just after the lunar module touched down.

Clues and answers

A.Medieval scholar, a numbskull's eponym (2 wds.)DUNSSCOTUS
B.Evidence for many an urban legend?ANECDOTE
C.Motivation behind some gang warfareVENDETTA
D.Seaweed yielding the thickener carrageenan (2 wds.)IRISHMOSS
E.Broadway's longest-running thriller, 1978-82DEATHTRAP
F.Spoilsport, party pooper (2 wds.)WETBLANKET
G.Means of enteringINGRESS
H.Everything (2 wds.)LIONSSHARE
I.Bill Cosby's alma mater, home of the OwlsTEMPLE
J.Like a ship lost at sea (hyph.)OFFCOURSE
K.Habit adopted by the Beatles on a 1968 trip to India (2 wds.)NEHRUJACKET
L.___ Islands, home of Grenada and MartiniqueWINDWARD
M.Banished by ballot, in ancient GreeceOSTRACIZED
N.Guideline falsely supposed to stem from the size of a stick lawful for a beating (3 wds.)RULEOFTHUMB
O.National flower of WalesDAFFODIL
P.Item in a rogues' gallery (2 wds.)MUGSHOT
Q.Holiday seasonYULETIDE
R."You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't ___" (1978 REO Speedwagon album) (2 wds.)TUNAFISH
S.Miniature person, like Mini-Me or a hobbitHOMUNCULUS
T.Musical direction meaning "to be accented"SFORZANDO
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