Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 20, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CONSTANCE HALE, SIN AND SYNTAX — The exquisite cutouts of Matisse and elegant line drawings of Picasso came late in long careers of painstaking work and wild experimentation. In writing as in painting, simplicity often follows considerable torment.

Clues and answers

A.Metal protector of an aircraft engineCOWLING
B.Amoeba or you, e.g.ORGANISM
C.Crash that almost was (2 wds.)NEARMISS
D.Sign of an oncoming coldSNIFFLES
E.Attempts not to be heard movingTIPTOES
F.Trick, stratagem, ingenuityARTIFICE
G.Bothersome in a petty wayNIGGLING
H.Form employed by Edna St. Vincent MillayCOUPLET
I.Concern to a bibliophileEDITION
J.Put one over onHOODWINK
K.Completely wrong (2 wds.)ALLWET
L.Neither raving nor panningLUKEWARM
M.Some New Testament textsEPISTLES
N.Word said to precede some openingsSESAME
O.Not quite on the buttonINEXACT
P.Essential B vitaminNIACIN
Q.Protest or otherwise arouse public feeling on an issueAGITATE
R.Harry ____, singer of the 1969 hit "Everybody's Talkin'"NILSSON
S.Mastered (2 wds.)DOWNPAT
T.Disembark from (2 wds.)STEPOFF
U.For all seasons (hyph.)YEARROUND
V.Addictive substance administered through small tubesNICOTINE
W.Sedative, for shortTRANQ
X.Driver of many successful peopleAMBITION
Y.Too blue for some eyes (hyph.)XRATED
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