Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 2, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


S(TEPHEN) J(AY) GOULD: DINOSAUR IN A HAYSTACK — A sixth-century monk named ... Dennis the Short ... instructed to prepare a chronology for [the] Pope ... neglected to begin time with the year zero ... During the year that Jesus was one year old, the time system ... was two years old.

Clues and answers

A.Someone engagingly craftySLYBOOTS
B.Frequent travelers abroad (2 wds.)JETSET
C.Big awkward umbrellaGAMP
D.Willa Cather novel set in Nebraska (2 wds.)OPIONEERS
E.Othello's crimeUXORICIDE
F.Breed of chicken; soft-brimmed straw hatLEGHORN
G."That's what I think, too!"DITTO
H.Overly innocent and trustful (hyph.)DEWYEYED
I.Unconscious skillINSTINCT
J.1980's sitcom set in a colonial innNEWHART
K.Tale opening on OgygiaODYSSEY
L.Tree of the witch hazel family (2 wds.)SWEETGUM
M.Person with not much upstairsAIRHEAD
N.Site of several 1713 peace treatiesUTRECHT
O.Author of "The Anatomy Lesson," 1983ROTH
P.The third word of "Moby Dick"ISHMAEL
Q.Mordred, to King ArthurNEPHEW
R.Gift for a budding entomologist (2 wds.)ANTFARM
S.Pachyderm in a Dr. Seuss bookHORTON
T.Lied, for example (2 wds.)ARTSONG
U.Modern locale of the biblical land of ShebaYEMEN
V.English cleric known for his verbal slipsSPOONER
W.Any group of fourTETRAD
X.Sharp, rocky ridgeARETE
Y.Only cat with nonretractile clawsCHEETAH
Z.Like a butterfingersKLUTZY
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