Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 17, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


AGNES REPPLIER, TO THINK OF TEA! — [D]ates... are worse than elusive, they are perverse. Events do not happen at the right time, nor in... proper sequence. That sense of harmony with place and season... so strong in the historian... is lamentably lacking in history... .

Clues and answers

A.Like many a treasured heirloomANTIQUE
B.Tumbler associated with bars?GYMNAST
C.Two-time U.S. poet laureate HowardNEMEROV
D.Have a magical effect onENCHANT
E.Cause for palatopharyngoplastySNORING
F.Play again from the topREPRISE
G.Like a gallipot or pipkin in makeupEARTHEN
H.Neuron-to-neuron chain, e.g.PATHWAY
I."___ is a communist; neither am I" (Salvador Dali)PICASSO
J.Like Harrison's Inaugural Address or the Hundred Years' WarLENGTHY
K.Up the creek, high and dry (3 wds.)INASPOT
L.Form into a cord by spinningENTWINE
M.New Jersey river that empties into a bay near Staten IslandRARITAN
N.Purchase for a rock climberTOEHOLD
O.Notice; remark; celebrateOBSERVE
P.Branch of art or scene of actionTHEATER
Q.1979 Billy Joel hit with the lyric "But I don't want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies"HONESTY
R.Moliere's Argan, as self-imaginedINVALID
S.Bad balance? (2 wds.)NETLOSS
T.Disputed Asian regionKASHMIR
U.In a port and off a boatONSHORE
V.Cinema that's seen better daysFLEAPIT
W.Foot of "Hiawatha"?TROCHEE
X.Anatolian site of the Temple of ArtemisEPHESUS
Y.Spanning; on both sides ofASTRIDE
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