Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 16, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ISABEL) WILKERSON, (THE) WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS — In a symbolic... way, snow was to Chicago what cotton was to Mississippi. ... [W]here you saw snow you by definition would not see cotton and vice versa. Coming to Chicago was a guarantee that you would not be picking cotton.

Clues and answers

A.Disorienting blizzard conditionWHITEOUT
B.Instantly recognizableICONIC
C.Use as a prop, gain support from (2 wds.)LEANON
D.Behaves like a sycophantKOWTOWS
E.Language on the Rosetta StoneEGYPTIAN
F.Point of no returnRUBICON
G.Inactive acts of activists? (hyph.)SITINS
H."Yes we can" campaignerOBAMA
I.In these times, presentlyNOWADAYS
J.Guardian against malfeasanceWATCHDOG
K.1997 movie about a mutinyAMISTAD
L."Ma" who sang "Bo-Weavil Blues"RAINEY
M.W.N.B.A. player from WashingtonMYSTIC
N.Value of a viewpoint? (2 wds.)TWOCENTS
O.Descriptor for a wolf or a galeHOWLING
P.Movement concerned with wealth disparityOCCUPY
Q.Bills featuring the Lincoln MemorialFIVES
R.Spencer with a role in "Hidden Figures"OCTAVIA
S.Nashville vocal toneTWANG
T.Clink, pokey, slammerHOOSEGOW
U.Skill in oratoryELOCUTION
V.Miniseries that sparked an interest in genealogyROOTS
W.Hard to identify; dimly litSHADOWY
X.Windy City entertainment districtUPTOWN
Y.Mount affording a view of the Promised LandNEBO
Z.Porter's burdenSUITCASE
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