Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 16, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


L(ANGSTON) HUGHES: SIMPLE TAKES A WIFE — Bop is ... not to be dug unless you've seen dark days, too. Folks who ain't suffered ... think it's just crazy crazy. They do not know Bop is also MAD crazy, SAD crazy, FRANTIC WILD CRAZY — beat out of somebody's head! That's what Bop is.

Clues and answers

A.Buddy Holly's Texas birthplaceLUBBOCK
B.Apres-ski beverage (2 wds.)HOTTODDY
C.Book ruled legal to publish in the U.S. in 1933ULYSSES
D.Pilgrim's destination in LourdesGROTTO
E.Name for the full moon nearest the autumnal equinoxHARVEST
F.Supremely simple (3 wds.)EASYASABC
G.Mawkish, maudlinSCHMALTZY
H.Result of a failure to pass a budgetSHUTDOWN
I.Card game also known as "Cheat" (3 wds.)IDOUBTIT
J.Annapurna or Ararat, e.g.MASSIF
K.Pretentious chatterbox, dandyPOPINJAY
L."Love surfeits not, like a glutton dies" (Shakespeare)LUST
M.Author of "Guide to Kulchur" (2 wds.)EZRAPOUND
N.Practice of a liberticideTYRANNY
O.Beatles release of 1969 (2 wds.)ABBEYROAD
P.Slavic dance with squatting and kicking stepsKAZACHOK
Q.State of blissECSTASY
R.Occasion for best wishes (hyph.)SENDOFF
S.Excitedly agitatedATWITTER
T.Title role for Frank Morgan (3 wds.)WIZARDOFOZ
U.Hornbeam or mesquite, commonlyIRONWOOD
V.Skill in executionFINESSE
W.Three-time mayor of New York (2 wds.)EDKOCH
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