Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 15, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ZORA NEALE) HURSTON, DUST TRACKS ON A ROAD — Rome, the eternal city, meant two different things to my parents. To Mama,... you must build it today so it could last through eternity. To Papa,... you had to lay some bricks today and you have the rest of eternity to finish it.

Clues and answers

A.Place affording a panoramic viewHILLTOP
B.Jerky; irregular; erraticUNSTEADY
C.Old colony of southern AfricaRHODESIA
D.Workplace in a Longfellow poemSMITHY
E.Goddess of witchcraft equivalent to HecateTRIVIA
F.Singer at the 1963 March on WashingtonODETTA
G."I am not aware that I have deserved any ___, and I have no taste for its buzz" (Alfred Nobel)NOTORIETY
H.World War II infantry soldierDOGFACE
I.Diacritic in many a heavy-metal band nameUMLAUT
J.Largest city east of Tokyo and west of Mexico CitySYDNEY
K.Key in using muscle memory (hyph.)TOUCHTYPE
L.Engine valve that regulates intakeTHROTTLE
M."The wretched ___ of your teeming shore" (words on the Statue of Liberty)REFUSE
N.Subject to interpretationAMBIGUOUS
O.Valve train componentCAMSHAFT
P.Site of the Ernest Hemingway House (2 wds.)KEYWEST
Q.Fez-wearing club memberSHRINER
R.Field involving a lot of spectaclesOPTOMETRY
S.The longest interstate highwayNINETY
T.Fundamentally, in reality (2 wds.)ATBOTTOM
U.Capital with more than 4,000 mosquesRIYADH
V.Tuffet, pouffe or hassockOTTOMAN
W.Still viable, as a businessAFLOAT
X.Infantile oral outbreakDENTITION
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