Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 13, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PAUL AUSTER, THE MUSIC OF CHANCE — Each number has a personality.... Twelve is upright... whereas thirteen is a loner, a shady character.... eleven is tough, an outdoorsman.... ten is rather simpleminded, a bland figure who... does what he's told.... nine is deep and mystical.

Clues and answers

A.Men associated with missionsPADRES
B."What an ___ dies in me!" (Nero's last words)ARTIST
C.Relax after a hard day's workUNWIND
D.Home to Texas A&M's DustdevilsLAREDO
E.Earthworm or leech, e.g.ANNELID
F.1789 discovery by Martin Heinrich KlaprothURANIUM
H.Screwball comedy with Astaire and Rogers (2 wds.)TOPHAT
I.View from the Hell Gate Bridge (2 wds.)EASTRIVER
J.It doesn't go against the grainRIPSAW
K.Giant foes of 2012TIGERS
L.Loft where fodder is storedHAYMOW
M.With more than a little learningERUDITE
N.Fillers of some booksMATCHES
O.Hard to handle, as a piano on a stairwayUNWIELDY
P.Taken from a hard caseSHELLED
Q.Concentrated to an extreme degreeINTENSE
R.Miffed, ticked offCHEESED
S.With no attempt at secrecyOVERTLY
T.Six-foot lengths FATHOMS
U.Designer of a stained-glass window in the U.N. buildingCHAGALL
V.Hang out, rub elbows, schmoozeHOBNOB
W.People of very little brainpowerAIRHEADS
X.Geometric shape of a Bahai templeNONAGON
Y.Discipline; humbleCHASTEN
Z.Umm al-Quwain, for oneEMIRATE
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