Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 13, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


GALE LAWRENCE, A FIELD GUIDE (TO THE FAMILIAR) — Whereas a blue jay is elongated,... a chickadee is like a little ball. This roundness helps the small bird balance itself in... topsy-turvy positions... while... searching for insect eggs on the twigs and outer branches of trees.

Clues and answers

A.Treat a sore throat with liquidGARGLE
B.Divine imparting of knowledge or powerAFFLATUS
C."The president is the people's ___" (Hubert H. Humphrey)LOBBYIST
D.Inventor who had his ups and downs? (2 wds.)ELISHAOTIS
E.Site of a 1958 U.S. peacekeeping missionLEBANON
F.Way off base (2 wds.)ALLWET
G.Twelve-time colonial governor of MassachusettsWINTHROP
H.College player sitting out a yearREDSHIRT
I.After-dinner orderESPRESSO
J.Capital of ChadNDJAMENA
K.Symbol on the flag of Turkey and SingaporeCRESCENT
L.White wine of Italy's Lazio region (3 wds.)ESTESTEST
M.Japanese emperor beginning in 1989AKIHITO
N.California agribusiness centerFRESNO
O.Die of cold? (2 wds.)ICECUBE
P.Park where the National Christmas Tree is displayed, with "the"ELLIPSE
Q.Operatic source of "Here Comes the Bride"LOHENGRIN
R.In sports, a gap in defenseDAYLIGHT
S.Branch of psychology for which Kurt Koffka was a spokesmanGESTALT
T.Southernmost city in the world, Tierra del Fuego's hubUSHUAIA
U.Very gradually (3 wds.)INCHBYINCH
V.Keyboard alternative to QWERTY, in which all the vowels are on the leftDVORAK
W.Flower on Austria's two-cent coinEDELWEISS
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