Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 12, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ALLEGRA GOODMAN, PARADISE PARK — Let me tell you about red-footed boobies. They are white with long pointy bills and pouchy necks like pelicans'. Their feet are... scarlet. If you come... close..., [they] rise up flapping and... scream... and... barf squid vomit on [you].

Clues and answers

A.Flowering herb also called madwort and once believed to cure rabiesALYSSUM
B.It might be applied to a scoreLIBRETTO
C.Lacking vitality; pedestrian's problemLIMP
D.Having vividly detailed imageryEIDETIC
E.Illinois town named for a variety of ore once mined thereGALENA
F.Verse with 14 lines and two rhymesRONDEL
G.Reno's successor as attorney generalASHCROFT
H.Fertile district in Egypt settled by the IsraelitesGOSHEN
I.Opposite of "rush" (hyph.)OFFPEAK
J.Awfully blueOBSCENE
K.Word-processing optionDELETE
L.Stomatologist's study, with "the"MOUTH
M.Keenness, as of mind or visionACUITY
N."I'm busy, bother me later" (2 wds.)NOTNOW
O.Technique for firing ceramics at low temperature (2 wds.)PETITFEU
P.Water supply for wells, springs, etc.AQUIFER
Q.Cocktail named for a Scottish freebooter (2 wds.)ROBROY
R.Computer program requiring very little memoryAPPLET
S.Coffee accompanier for many commutersDANISH
T.Like Tennyson's decade of Arthurian talesIDYLLIC
U.Course outlinesSYLLABI
V.Class on a flightECONOMY
W.Epithet of Apollo; the sun personifiedPHOEBUS
X.Stored, as data or public recordsARCHIVED
Y.Nothing out of the ordinaryROUTINE
Z.Southernmost city of the continental United States (2 wds.)KEYWEST
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