Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 11, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LAURA HILLENBRAND, SEABISCUIT — His stubby legs were a study in unsound construction, with squarish, asymmetrical... knees... . His walk was an odd, straddle-legged motion that was often mistaken for lameness... . One observer compared his action to a duck waddle.

Clues and answers

A.Occupation of an ostlerLIVERY
B.Usually skylighted central areaATRIUM
C.Equatorial land in the British CommonwealthUGANDA
D.1950 Akira Kurosawa film with shifting points of viewRASHOMON
F."What's up?" to the Bard of Avon (2 wds.)HOWNOW
G.Kind of proposition in logic (hyph.)IFTHEN
H.Margins of victoryLENGTHS
I.Someone of no intellectual cultivationLOWBROW
J.Special forcefulness of expressionEMPHASIS
K.Handsome Greek youth who spurned EchoNARCISSUS
L.Lopsided victoryBLOWOUT
M.Kon-Tiki, for oneRAFT
N.Undertaking for balloonists and mountaineersASCENT
O.Gentle whinnyNICKER
P.Vigorous, energetic go-getterDYNAMO
Q.Ophidiophobe's dreadSNAKES
R.Like the statue of Marcus Aurelius on the Capitoline HillEQUESTRIAN
S.Marked by practical, hardheaded intelligenceASTUTE
T."We don't need no stinking ___" ("Blazing Saddles," 1974)BADGES
U.Hurricanes or Lightning gear (2 wds.)ICESKATES
V.Il contorno, in Italian cuisine (2 wds.)SIDEDISH
W.Draft horse with feathery fetlocksCLYDESDALE
X.Rip beneath the wavesUNDERTOW
Y.Available for purchase (2 wds.)INSTOCK
Z.It was once beaten by the Indians (hyph.)TOMTOM
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