Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 10, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(SHERRY) SIMPSON, THE WAY WINTER COMES — [E]xterminating wolves does not guarantee a moose or caribou in every hunter's freezer. ... [L]ife and death in the wild form a Mobius strip. It's impossible to trace one side without inexplicably finding yourself on the other.

Clues and answers

A.Storage room for chasubles, chalices, etc.SACRISTY
B.Most inhabitants of GreenlandINUIT
C.Bordering on the seaMARITIME
D.Superabundance, more than ample supplyPLETHORA
E.Locale of the "Koalafornia" zoo exhibit (2 wds.)SANDIEGO
F.Privilege granted by open-skies policiesOVERFLIGHT
G.Packed compactly, in a wayNESTED
H.Medium "neither rare nor well done," per Ernie KovacsTELEVISION
I.Mentally stimulating experience, in slang (2 wds.)HEADTRIP
J.Outlying residential areaEXURB
K.Favonius, to ancient Romans (2 wds.)WESTWIND
L.God who sent the K. to guide UlyssesAEOLUS
M.Harbor a deep desireYEARN
N.Far from fluid, as a performerWOODEN
O.Lack of vigor, weaknessINFIRMITY
P.Regardless of liability (hyph.)NOFAULT
Q.Like a bagel, to a topologistTOROIDAL
R.First name among reformed misanthropesEBENEZER
S.Laugh-inducing, ludicrousRISIBLE
T.Once-prevalent tree of Eastern woodlandsCHESTNUT
U.Beat through brainworkOUTFOX
V.Mob memberMAFIOSO
W.Collectible card, pamphlet, ticket or suchEPHEMERON
X.Composer of 12-tone musicSCHONBERG
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