Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 1, 2023

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HOWARD BERGERSON, PALINDROMES (AND ANAGRAMS)--Sydney Yendys was born... to be a palindromist. His first coherent utterance was "Dad-dad-dad...!" followed in due course by "Mam-mam-mam...!" Later in life he was to marry a girl called Edna, and to have a daughter, also named Edna.

Clues and answers

A.One with not a ton of smarts, boob (hyph.)HALFWIT
B.Stats put up on a tote boardODDS
C.Yankovic whose lyrics for "Bob" include "If I had a hi-fi" and "Too bad I hid a boot" (2 wds.)WEIRDAL
D.Deed done in reverse? (hyph.)ABOUTFACE
E.Tracking system used at Indiana's Tropria Airport and elsewhereRADAR
F.Mum-like blossomsDAHLIAS
G.Noted composer of moody piano solosBRAHMS
H.Air current deified as the Greek god Eurus (2 wds.)EASTWIND
I.Speaker's place in a civic forumROSTRUM
J.Like a rotator in actionGYRATING
K.Major work in Icelandic sagasEDDA
L.Story of the sexes, like "Clueless" or "Sleepless in Seattle" (hyph.)ROMCOM
M.Cut, as wool from a ewe or ramSHEARED
N.Very short gag (hyph.)ONELINER
O.Innocent as a totNAIVE
P.Means of propulsion for a kayakPADDLE
Q.Player of a nun in the 2008 film "Doubt" (2 wds.)AMYADAMS
R.Gig for Viv's character on "I Love Lucy"LANDLADY
S.Race car type or venueINDY
T.Unconventional comedy act by Hannah GadsbyNANETTE
U."Nauruan," for a native of Nauru, e.g.DEMONYM
V.A Pacers recap might mention this grabREBOUND
W.Group of a size like Abba x 2OCTET
X.What a Toyota owner may refer to for helpMANUAL
Y.Head-turning sign G.I.s on parade may use to salute (2 wds.)EYESLEFT
Z.Exhibit in the top spotSHOWCASE
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