Acrostic Solution for Sunday, January 1, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


GRANT MORRISON, SUPERGODS — It was common for... advanced races in pulp illustrations to sport capes, tights, and exterior underpants, as if foremost among the natural consequences of millennia of peace... would be a vogue for knee-length boots on men.

Clues and answers

A.The world of organized crimeGANGLAND
B.One whose morals inspire contemptREPROBATE
C.Like the vowel sounds in "Flash has flat abs"ASSONANT
D.Earning infamy through sheer wickednessNEFARIOUS
E.One of Batman's foes (hyph.)TWOFACE
F.Type of fellow like Clark KentMILQUETOAST
G.Opposite of fame OBLIVION
H.Manifestation of pure ecstasyRAPTURE
I.Means of station-to-station transferREMOTE
J.How Spider-Man appears (2 wds.)INCOSTUME
K.Where you may hide from storms or robbers (2 wds.)SAFEROOM
L.Under pressure; present (3 wds.)ONTHESPOT
M."Well, that explains the mystery" (2 wds.)NOWONDER
N.Made more stylish, dressed to the nines (2 wds.)SPIFFEDUP
O.Set free from restraintUNSHACKLED
P.Kind of race engaged in by GiantsPENNANT
Q.Result of returning wavesECHO
R.First Top 40 hit for the PoliceROXANNE
S.Water that rises in the HimalayasGANGES
T.Those who supply uniforms and gearOUTFITTERS
U.Publisher of the Justice League's exploits (2 wds.)DCCOMICS
V.Hometown of Lana LangSMALLVILLE
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