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This puzzle appeared on Saturday, March 30, 2013 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Saturday, February 23, 2013
by Todd Gross
Sat 2/23/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Dragging vehicles : ROADSTERS
10.Massachusetts governor after John Hancock : SAMUELADAMS
12.One who was very successful with numbered balls : MINNESOTAFATS
14.Advance man? : LENDER
15.Some clouds : STRATI
17.Cerebral canals : ITERS
18.Crook's mark : SAP
21.Apostle of Ire. : STPAT
22.Plate setting : TRAY
23.Board game found in Egyptian tombs : SENET
25.Group led by a Grand Exalted Ruler : ELKS
26."The Chronicles of Vladimir ___" (hit young adult book series about a vampire) : TOD
27.Feature of some televised debates : SPLITSCREEN
29.Spanish demonstrative : ESO
30.Long and twisty : EELLIKE
31."The L Word" network, in listings : SHO
32.Survey militarily : RECONNOITER
34.Canvas in a wooden frame, of sorts : COT
35.Yeomen of the Guard officer : EXON
36.Ready to play : TUNED
37.Number one, to some : SELF
38.Old letters : RUNES
40."Combats avec ___ défenseurs!" (line from "La Marseillaise") : TES
41.In a way, informally : KINDA
42.Some Japanese-Americans : SANSEI
44.Period of slow growth : WINTER
45.One who is very successful with numbered balls : LOTTERYWINNER
49.One getting laughs at others' expense : ROASTMASTER
50.Exercise leader : PETEACHER
1.Stopped flowing : RANDRY
2.Exeunt ___ (stage direction) : OMNES
3.Violin virtuoso Leopold : AUER
4.French preposition : DES
5.Street caution : SLO
6.Part of an equitable trade, figuratively speaking : TAT
7.Writer LeShan and others : EDAS
8.Bundles of logs, maybe : RAFTS
9.Not so dim : SMARTER
10.Dublin-born singer with a 1990 #1 hit : SINEADOCONNOR
11.Kings' home : STAPLESCENTER
12.GQ sort of guy : METROSEXUAL
13.Part-owner, say : STAKEHOLDER
14.Mess makers : LITTERERS
16."Just a few more miles" : ITSNOTFAR
18.Hit show : SELLOUT
19.Chemical used in dyes : ANILINE
20.Dress store section : PETITES
23.Weary : SPENT
24.Reproved, in a way : TSKED
27.Sessions in D.C., say : SEN
28.Battle of ___ (first Allied victory of W.W. I) : CER
33.Like some shopping : ONESTOP
37.Luster, e.g. : SINNER
39.Gripping parts of gecko footpads : SETAE
41."Roots" family surname : KINTE
43.Superlative suffix : IEST
44.___ list : WISH
46.Map abbr. : RTE
47.Soprano Sumac : YMA
48.Mil. branch disbanded in 1978 : WAC

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