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This puzzle appeared on Thursday, December 27, 2012 in syndication. The original New York Times publication date is shown below.
Thursday, November 22, 2012
by Joel Fagliano
Thu 11/22/2012
© 2012, The New York Times
1.Military tactic : AMBUSH
7.It may be found on a tank : SCUM
11.Pen knife? : SHIV
15.Simple shelter : LEANTO
16.2008 campaign theme : HOPE
17.___ Bowl (former sporting event) : HULA
18.Cackling cry from a mad scientist before unleashing havoc on southern California? : LADIESFIRST
20."The devil ___ the details" : ISIN
21.Small change: Abbr. : CTS
22.Show stopper? : TIVO
23.Was a sore loser, say : SULKED
25.Imitative : APISH
28.Look after : TEND
30.Yelling, say : NOISY
31.Hundred Acre Wood resident : PIGLET
33.Dorm V.I.P. having to move his king? : RAINCHECK
35.Married mujeres : SENORAS
37."You're on!" : DEAL
38.Go a-courting : SUE
39.Proud academic achievement of football star Esiason? : BABYBOOMER
42.Big name in A.T.M.'s : NCR
45.Actress Anderson : LONI
46.Some prowlers : FELINES
50.Evidence of longshoremen without antiperspirant? : BOONDOCKS
53.Honorable : DECENT
54.Easy jaunt : AMBLE
55.Get through the cracks : SEEP
57.So-called "African unicorn" : OKAPI
58.Hits 100, say : SPEEDS
60.Actress Hatcher : TERI
62."Toddlers & Tiaras" network : TLC
63.Fictional locale five miles from Jonesboro : TARA
64.Why the press release has to wait? : PRISONBREAK
68.Dark ___ (Voldemort's practice in the Harry Potter books) : ARTS
69.Air : AURA
70.Political commentator E. J. ___ : DIONNE
71.Something to take lying down? : REST
72.Brood : STEW
73.Sales expert : CLOSER
1.Indication of excitement in an e-mail : ALLCAPS
2.Pastry in "Sweeney Todd" : MEATPIE
3.It's not promising : BADSIGN
4.Prefix with valve : UNI
5.Qu├ębec's Mont-___-Anne : STE
6.One having an affair : HOST
7.[That's creepy!] : SHIVER
8.Early explorer of the Southwest : CORONADO
9."Schedule a pickup" co. : UPS
10.51-Down team : METS
11.Civil War battle site : SHILOH
12.Big East team : HUSKIES
13.Two-time president of Romania : ILIESCU
14.Vladimir Lenin had one : VANDYKE
19.Something thrown in anger : FIT
24."Seinfeld" character with the catchphrase "Jerry! Hello!" : UNCLELEO
26.Nonideal roommate : SLOB
27.Announced : HERALDED
29.Not survive : DIEOF
32.Don't : TABOO
34.Appointed (to) : NAMED
36.Matches up, as files : SYNCS
40.26" rubber band? : BIKETIRE
41."Here's looking at you, kid" speaker : RICK
42.LeBron James, e.g. : NBASTAR
43.Measure up : COMPARE
44.Administerer of the oath of office to Obama : ROBERTS
47.Makes nice : NEATENS
48.Board, in a way : ENPLANE
49.Price holder : STICKER
51.10-Down's div. : NLEAST
52.Vacillate : SEESAW
56.Backing : PRO
59.Places to wear robes : SPAS
61.Visiting the U.S. Capitol, say : INDC
65.Grind : RUT
66.Cartoonist Keane : BIL
67.Hundred Acre Wood resident : ROO

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