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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
by Peter A. Collins
Wed 9/26/2012
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JimH notes: The circles trace a football shape with laces tied up in the middle.
1.Some are square : MEALS
6.G.I. rank : PFC
9.Mardi ___ : GRAS
13.It might keep you up at night : APNEA
14.Feel bad : AIL
15.Vile : SLIMY
16."And that's ___!" : FINAL
17.Morgantown's locale: Abbr. : WVA
18.Some mirages : OASES
19.John Lennon, e.g. : ICON
20.Dandy : ONER
21.Glandular prefix : ADENO
22.Sun Devil Stadium's sch. : ASU
23.With 44-Across, common broadcasting phrase related to this puzzle's outer circled letters : THEKICKISUP
25.To a huge extent : NOEND
27.Curiosity's launcher : NASA
28.Los Angeles district : ENCINO
30.Deleted : XED
31.Bangkok native : THAI
35.With 37-Across, events described by 23-/44-Across : FIELD
36.Abbr. after a phone no. : EXT
37.See 35-Across : GOALS
38.Rain delay sight : TARP
39.Peace, to Pliny : PAX
40.Middle manager? : CORSET
41.Jr. in an office : ASST
43.One of two on a short date? : SLASH
44.See 23-Across : ANDITISGOOD
48.Custodian's tool : MOP
51.Flick not shown on network TV : PORNO
52.Lunkhead : DOLT
53.Greenhouse square : PANE
54.Silver, in the Sierra Madres : PLATA
55."Lord, is ___?": Matthew 26:22 : ITI
56.Adhering to Strunk and White's advice "Omit needless words" : TERSE
57.Mojito garnishes : LIMES
58.X-ray unit : RAD
59."Family Matters" role : URKEL
60.Alumni grouping : YEAR
61."Very funny" cable channel : TBS
62.Short blasts : GUSTS
1.Omertà organization : MAFIA
2.Works inspired by Calliope, e.g. : EPICS
3.One saying 23-/44-Across : ANNOUNCER
4.Request to a butcher : LEAN
5.Mineo of film : SAL
6.In hock : PAWNED
7.Shortish race, for short : FIVEK
8.Pete Fountain played it : CLARINET
9.Lions' foes : GLADIATORS
10.Knolls : RISES
11."Would you like to see ___?" : AMENU
12.Online honcho : SYSOP
15.Rips off, in a way : SOAKS
20."Here we go again!" : OHNO
23.Work, as a bar : TEND
24.Probably not Mr. Right : CAD
26.Manet or Monet : OILPAINTER
28.Pond denizen : EFT
29.Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" : NIA
30.Pigskin stitching : XXX
32.They appear at one-yard intervals : HASHMARKS
33.The "A" in IPA : ALE
34.Verb after "das" : IST
36.Grovels : EATSDIRT
37.Prod : GOAD
39.Tire spec abbr. : PSI
40.Circulation blocker : CLOT
42.Greek walkways : STOAS
43.Pool side : SOLIDS
44.Put on : APPLY
45."I swear!" : NOLIE
46.Miller product : DRAMA
47.Scored in the 80s : GOTAB
49.Beginning : ONSET
50.Bares fruit? : PEELS
53.Country mentioned in Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me" : PERU
56.Yank : TUG

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