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These commands are similar to those in Across Lite.

  • Arrow keys advance the current cell or change direction.
  • Shift-arrow moves to the next or previous word.
  • Ctrl-arrow changes direction only.
  • Enter goes to the next word.
  • Tab and Shift-Tab move to the next or previous word.
  • Home and End go to the beginning or end of the current word.
  • Shift-Home and Shift-End go to the beginning or end of the grid.
  • Delete, Space and Backspace clear the current cell.
  • Letters (only letters, not numbers or symbols) enter that letter and advance the cursor to the next blank (or optionally next square) in the current word.
  • Ins allows numbers or more than one letter to be entered into a single square, or use the "Enter rebus string" link at the top of this page.
  • Click the grid to select a square.
  • Right-click the grid to change directions. (Use ctrl-click on Mac.)
  • Click any clue to jump to that answer.