Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 9, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


L(UCY) WORSLEY, IF WALLS COULD TALK — [S]nuggling... together in a big bed was normal... . A French phrase book for use by medieval [travelers] included the... useful expressions: "you are an ill bed-fellow", "you pull all the bed clothes" and "you do nothing but kick about".

Clues and answers

A.Gathering place for the inn crowdLOUNGE
B.Took the chill off (2 wds.)WARMEDUP
C.Rectangular, but not squareOBLONG
D.Give or get a second windREFRESH
E.Insomniac's dream?SHUTEYE
F.Accessory for a flower child (2 wds.)LOVEBEADS
G.Galatians or Colossians, e.g.EPISTLE
H.Sultan-deposing revolutionary (2 wds.)YOUNGTURK
I.Area relatively close to homeINFIELD
J.Deck with garlandsFESTOON
K.Companion volleyball in "Cast Away"WILSON
L.Gastropod also called an ormer or ear shellABALONE
M.Suffer through hardship and neglectLANGUISH
N.Burn the midnight oilLUCUBRATE
O.Confession to a priest, old-styleSHRIFT
P.Jovian moon found by GalileoCALLISTO
Q.Banded form of chalcedonyONYX
R.Like Sikh menUNSHAVED
S.Showman who said "I'm a one-man Disneyland"LIBERACE
T.Loose scales formed on the skin; temperDANDER
U.Restaurant meal with a set menu (2 wds.)TABLEDHOTE
V.Nonsensical verse often written as a parodyAMPHIGORY
W.Home of Texas Tech UniversityLUBBOCK
X.Fix that's workable though inelegantKLUDGE
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