Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 27, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BARBARA WALLRAFF, WORD COURT — [W]ords exist to describe all sorts of ideas. ... Consider... misnomer, "a wrong or unsuitable name"; mnemonic, "a device, such as a formula or rhyme, to assist memory";... mumbo jumbo, "gibberish"; and mytacism, "excessive... use of the letter m... ."

Clues and answers

A.Misleading bit of advice (2 wds.)BUMSTEER
B.Modern echo of a primitive traitATAVISM
C.Atop a mattress, maybeRECUMBENT
D.Grumpy comradeBASHFUL
E.Made-up; taken as dogmaASSUMED
G.Much more than chummyAMATORY
H.Managed in the face ofWITHSTOOD
I.Muscle-building, cardiovascular regimenAEROBICS
J.Maladroit numbskullLUMMOX
K.Nimble; limberLISSOME
L.Mysterious; concerning complex mattersRECONDITE
M.Military schoolACADEMY
N.Carlos Montoya's musicFLAMENCO
O.Masterful maneuveringFINESSE
P.Mischievous or fanciful humorWHIMSY
Q.Mistake in itemizingOMISSION
R.Misgivings of a malefactorREMORSE
S.Meatball, dimwit, ninnyhammerDINGBAT
T.Comment in a meddling way (2 wds.)CHIMEIN
U.Main aimOBJECT
V.Making much of one's wifeUXORIOUS
W.Richard who composed "Maria," "Mimi" and "Moon of My Delight"RODGERS
X.What some mail may come overTRANSOM
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