Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 10, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


P(ATRICK) O'BRIAN, MASTER AND COMMANDER — Even a small vessel needs a wonderful amount of stores: casks of beef, pork and butter,... puncheons, butts and half-pieces of rum,... hard-tack by the ton... quite apart from the gunner's powder, sponges,... priming-irons, wads, and shot.

Clues and answers

A.Craft in a work from 1878PINAFORE
B.Sea of ___, west of the Kamchatka peninsulaOKHOTSK
C.Riverine or coastal curvesBIGHTS
D.Like many an old tankerRUSTY
E.Stromboli, Ibiza and MadeiraISLANDS
F.Explorer wearing foot finsAQUANAUT
G.Co-author of the "Bounty" trilogyNORDHOFF
H.Delineated on a chartMAPPED
I.Back in a shellASTERN
J.Feat of intricate carvingSCRIMSHAW
L.Ship boldly going to new regionsENTERPRISE
M.Wanderers; buccaneersROVERS
N.Sea that's home to the Cyclades and DodecaneseAEGEAN
O."He would not flatter ___ for his trident" ("Coriolanus")NEPTUNE
P.Forecastle, bridge and orlopDECKS
Q.High spot with a great view to the horizon (2 wds.)CROWSNEST
R.Not in perpendicular alignment (2 wds.)OFFPLUMB
S.Beleaguer with attacksMOLEST
T.Armor-breaking weapon of warMACE
U.River flowing to the SevernAVON
V.At sea, in a wayNONPLUSSED
W.Armored battleship with turreted gunsDREADNOUGHT
X.The general drift of things (3 wds.)EBBANDFLOW
Y.Passages for navigatorsROUTES
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