Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 25, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


JILL NELSON, STRAIGHT, NO CHASER — In Tarzan movies I identified with the Africans or the apes. ... I wanted to be Sheena, Queen of the Jungle not because she was white but because she was... one of the only women on television who existed independently of men.

Clues and answers

A.Show to have had sufficient legal reasonJUSTIFY
B.Hypothetical form of water in Kurt Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" (hyph.)ICENINE
C.First of a nonet of swingersLEADOFF
D.Disappointment; relaxationLETDOWN
E.Contrary to society's norms (2 wds.)NOTDONE
F.Where paydirt may be hit (2 wds.)ENDZONE
G.Short-distance illumination (2 wds.)LOWBEAMS
H.Implicit meaning or theme in writingSUBTEXT
I.Worth mention; distinguished (2 wds.)OFNOTE
J.Time to commemorate a saint (2 wds.)NAMEDAY
K.Grouping whose members can interbreedSPECIES
L.Epithet for Boston (2 wds.)THEHUB
N.One greatly reviled or shunnedANATHEMA
O.Ready for playing (2 wds.)INTUNE
P.Settle a score (2 wds.)GETEVEN
Q.Shirley Temple role in 1937HEIDI
R.Roughly midmorningTENNISH
S.Tourist town on the Delaware River (2 wds.)NEWHOPE
T.A trusting way to take things (2 wds.)ONFAITH
U.Protein source in some Asian cookingCASHEWS
V.2002 Wimbledon championHEWITT
W.Like the face of one aghastASHEN
X.___ National Park, containing the highest mountain in the contiguous 48 statesSEQUOIA
Y."Now my soul hath ___-room" ("King John")ELBOW
Z.John Simon pieceREVIEW
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