Acrostic Solution for Sunday, July 14, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BARBARA) KINGSOLVER, HIGH TIDE IN TUCSON — Some habits that saw us through the millennia are proving hazardous in a modern context — for example the yen to consume carbohydrates and fat whenever they cross our path, or the proclivity for unchecked reproduction.

Clues and answers

A.Parliamentary body first elected in 1949KNESSET
B.Extinct bearer of paddlelike flippersICHTHYOSAUR
C.Whom Olivier portrayed in "That Hamilton Woman"NELSON
D.Expert in tunnelingGOPHER
E.Place to pick up rumors, with "the"STREET
F.First line of a paragraph alone at the bottom of a pageORPHAN
G.Ones traditionally at play on Thanksgiving DayLIONS
H.Bitter quarrel or feudVENDETTA
I.Advance beyond proper limitsENCROACH
J.Major export of ThailandRUBBER
K.Get together to make important decisionsHUDDLE
M.City where Samson pulled down a templeGAZA
N.Item thrown competitivelyHAMMER
O.Person or group in oppressive authority (2 wds.)THEMAN
P.Part of Africa along the Gulf of Guinea (2 wds.)IVORYCOAST
Q.State of nervous discombobulationDITHER
R.Feeling for another person's situationEMPATHY
S.Mexican volcano known as "the Sleeping Woman"IXTACIHUATL
T.Not stay awake (2 wds.)NODOFF
U.Musical with the song "Cheek to Cheek" (2 wds.)TOPHAT
V.Too submissive to one's wifeUXORIOUS
W.Any burg whose business is burgers-to-be (2 wds.)COWTOWN
X.Produce stertorSNORE
Y.Symbol of an idyllic past in ChekhovORCHARD
Z.Ballet great born in SiberiaNUREYEV
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