Acrostic Solution for Sunday, June 9, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


TANA FRENCH, THE LIKENESS — Being easily freaked out comes with its own special skill set: you develop subtle tricks to work around it, make sure people don't notice. Pretty soon,... you can get through the day looking almost... like a normal human being.

Clues and answers

A.Ovoidal : egg :: lingulate : ____TONGUE
B.Catastrophizing sortALARMIST
C.What Russia's Camp Barneo is near (2 wds.)NORTHPOLE
D.Target in a 1979 arcade gameASTEROID
E.Having grooves or ridgesFLUTED
F.Device relevant to Ohm's lawRESISTOR
G.Overt, glaring, flagrantEGREGIOUS
H.Fear of the darkNYCTOPHOBIA
I.How gameplay often proceedsCLOCKWISE
J.Subject of Kamehameha the GreatHAWAIIAN
K.Speak frankly or bluntly (2 wds.)TALKTURKEY
L."What did you say again?" (2 wds.)HOWSTHAT
M.Study of a certain ancient civilizationEGYPTOLOGY
N.Reason for a neighbor's complaint (2 wds.)LOUDMUSIC
O.Together (2 wds.)INTANDEM
P.The opposite of bowlegged (hyph.)KNOCKKNEED
Q.Action taken by two running mates?ELOPEMENT
R."Piece of cake" (2 wds.)NOPROBLEM
S.Process of unfoldingEVOLUTION
T.Crayola choice for a cloudless landscape (2 wds.)SKYBLUE
U.Cuarenta winksSIESTA
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